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August 20th – Workshop Day

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#TipTuesday – Swimsuit Shoes

This is one of the most asked questions I get, and one of my BIGGEST pet-peeves as a Judge. Swimsuit Shoes. They should be nude strappy heels, preferably platform. Not gold, not silver, not sparkly, not rhinestoned. NUDE, plain nude!  They should not be a “heavy” looking heel, so no thick straps, or even peep-toe pumps.  They […] Read More

#TipTuesday – Plank Cha Cha Slide! Check out this Plank Cha Cha Slide post on my Facebook page! Although you need to rotate working out major muscle groups like legs, back, arms, etc., abs are a muscle group you can work more often, up to every day!  This is a quick and fun way to get your abs engaged every […] Read More

Spring Pageant Workshop

Spring Workshop Day! April 10th, 2016; 1:30-5:30pm  Grove City Church of the Nazarene 4770 Hoover Road, Grove City, OH This workshop is geared towards young women who are competing in pageantry (any system) and would like to start expanding upon basic skills, and begin to Elevate their competition.  The goal is to help participants understand […] Read More


Hi there everyone and Welcome! I am so proud and excited to launch the new Rebecca Minger Image Consulting, LLC website designed by the amazing @techsocialite, Audrey Walker!  Thank you so much for all of your countless hours of work to make this beautiful website and vision a reality! The dream of Rebecca Minger Image […] Read More