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I am so proud and excited to launch the new Rebecca Minger Image Consulting, LLC website designed by the amazing @techsocialite, Audrey Walker!  Thank you so much for all of your countless hours of work to make this beautiful website and vision a reality!

The dream of Rebecca Minger Image Consulting, LLC started many years ago, when I was still competing in the Miss America Organization.  I knew that with all I had learned throughout my college education, years of training with an outstanding group of professionals, and my time competing in pageants, I wanted to pay-it-forward someday as a consultant.  When I embarked on this journey, I looked back at my time as Miss Ohio and saw that my “career ambition” on my official Miss America paperwork that was in the judges hands was to “be the owner of an image consulting business”.  Irony! After many years of trying other career paths, destiny called, my original goal came back and said “No more denying it or taking the safe route, take the leap and try!” So, I said a prayer, got the blessing of my family and team, and quit my job!

With that (and a lot of hard work, a lot of frustration, a lot of tears, and a lot of breakthroughs) Rebecca Minger Image Consulting, LLC, my long-time vision, became my reality. I still draw from the lessons I learned with my team, the journey and the job of Miss Ohio on a daily basis.  Now, I’m honored and privileged to help individuals on a challenging, but extremely rewarding journey to Embrace who they are, Evolve into the best version of themselves, and Elevate their personal brand, style, and skills to prepare not just for the pageant stage, but for life.   It is my goal to give each of my clients as much knowledge, experience, and guidance as I can to help them feel prepared, confident, and empowered as an individual, and a competitor.

As much as I love to prepare individuals for a pageant competition, it’s not all about pageantry, but the life skills and lessons to help anyone Elevate themselves to the next level.  Staying healthy,  handling high-pressure or uncomfortable situations with grace and strength, and always presenting yourself (verbally and non verbally) in an appropriate and polished manner are life lessons that we all need to be happy and successful!

With that being said, this is where you will find my weekly #TipTuesday blog with suggestions to help you achieve your own happiness and success.  I’ll share tips on everything from health and wellness, beauty secrets, recipes, pageant prep tips and who knows what else! I’ll upload a few of my favorite #TipTuesdays that I’ve shared via Facebook and Instagram to get started!

I look forward to connecting with you every Tuesday!

Thank you for your support on this exciting venture.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule a consultation!


Embrace, Evolve, Elevate


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