#TipTuesday – PAPERWORK

#TipTuesday this week is all about Paperwork!!! I know the time is coming for many local titleholders to turn in their state paperwork, with the ever-important Resume and Platform Statement. Ladies, I cannot stress enough the importance of these two documents. Do not rush through them. In my opinion, these two things are the most critical pieces of your whole competition. Let me explain.

In most states and in most systems, the very first time the Judges meet you is in the interview room, or so you think. The Judges are actually getting to know you weeks before you step into the interview room. Many people don’t know that they receive their judging binders with of all the Contestants paperwork about a month before competition, and read them very, very thoroughly. Before they meet you in person, they are getting to know you. They begin judging, preparing the questions they want to ask, formulating initial opinions of who seems the most ready for ‘The Job’, and who they are most excited to talk to. Meaning, your paperwork must be intriguing, impressive, inspiring, well put-together, and *grammatically correct.

Paperwork in my opinion, will make or break an interview, which can advance or break the rest of your competition. If the Judges are not intrigued by your paperwork, the questions will be surface-level and the interview will be the same.

So, with all of that being said, my number one paperwork tip is BE THOUGHTFUL about everything you are putting on that page. Give the Judges details about yourself and your platform so that when they read your paperwork they feel like they are actually getting to know you. If they feel they know (and like) you before you walk into the room, you are setting yourself up for a better interview, and better competition. If your paperwork falls flat, your interview most likely will too.

Many people say your interview makes or breaks your competition. I believe that to be partly true. I look at it like this, interview is the gateway or a level, you either pass through it or you don’t. If you have a less-than-par, unimpressive or plain bad interview, it’s extremely difficult, if not impossible to do well or win. If you have a great interview and make the Judges “fall in love with you”, you have made it to the next level. You haven’t necessarily won yet. For example, as a Judge, I’ve had girls rock their interview and impress me to the point that I have them picked to win, then they fall short on stage and they don’t. I’ve also judged amazing interviews where the girl carries through to stage and dominates the rest of the competition to win.  Interview cannot win it for you; it is a total package deal. However, you can’t win without a great interview, and you can’t have a great interview without great paperwork. Everything is a chain reaction; you must pass through every level to win.

Paperwork is absolutely critical so, if you have specific questions, need editing, or want an opinion, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

*One of the biggest pet-peeves of many of my friends who judge is proper grammar, so please have someone look it over and edit for grammar!

*Please keep in mind, the Judges have your information a month in advance – it is at the individual Judges’ discretion to Google you, or look at your social media accounts. This is a JOB INTERVIEW after all. So I HIGHLY suggest you go through everything you have online and think to yourself “Does this look like Miss ‘State’ or Miss America?” “Do I want the Judges to see this, or ask me about this in my interview?”

Good Luck this “Paperwork Week” Ladies!


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